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Fairy Park Authorised Agent FPSA 3003 


 24Hrs Funeral Service 
 24小时 殡仪服务  

最值得 最完整的殡仪配套 (包括Covid Case)

About Us

Fairy Park Klang 

巴生唯一 “永久地契” 风景墓园  

The Only "Freehold" Memorial Park in Klang

仙境山庄拥有长达30年的历史以及墓园管理经验 我们提供一系列的殡葬服务, 从选购福地,骨灰阁到殡仪服务等, 我们都有专业团队一系列包办


Fairy Park has 30 years of history and cemetery management experience. We also have a professional team to provice and arrange of cemeretion services, such as purchasing of Burial Plot, Columbarium as well as Funeral Services

产品 & 服务

Product & Servies

殡仪服务 Funeral Service 



Our FairyPark has a professional team to provide "One-stop" funeral services. Including Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity and Catholicism. 

Price From RM 16,800+


风水福地 Burial Plot

首个以"先建后售"为主题的风景墓园. 仙境山庄拥有不同种类的风水福地, 如家族福地,双人福地,骨灰福地和基督教福地来迎合不同种类的需求

The first scenic cemetery with the theme of "Build Before Sell".

Fairy Park has different burial plot, such as Family burial plot, Double burial plot, Ashes burial plot as well as Christian burial plot

to cater different kinds of needs.

Price From RM 48,800+

骨灰塔 Columbarium 

仙境山庄采用中华文化的设计理念, 把其文化运用在建造佛教花园式和冷气骨灰阁. 除此之外, 我们还有全新的基督教冷气骨灰阁, 以白色为主体设计, 简朴设计打造寛敞空间

FairyPark adopts the design concept of Chinese culture and uses its in

the building of Buddhist garden style and air-conditioned Columbarium.

In addition, we also have a new Christian air-conditioned Columbarium, with a white as the main design, creating a simple and spacious space

Price From RM 10,490+


​Latest Perspects

仙境古城 Fairy Park Heritage City

"休闲和团聚" 为主题的现代墓园

A modern cemetery with the theme of "Leisure and Reunion"

为了让先人在祭拜祖先时拥有回家的感觉, 仙境古城计划打造了一座 “度假村" 的墓园, 其中包括了 宴会厅,中餐厅,咖啡馆,水上乐园,游泳池,跑步区,健身房,姓氏祠堂,篮球场及羽毛球场等 让大家可以在愉快和休闲缅怀祖先的同时享受一份属于这里无忧无虑的环境

To let people feel home when they worship their ancestors, Fairy Park Heritage City plans to build a "Resort Theme" cemetery, which includes Banquet Hall, Chinese restaurant, Cafe, Water Park, Jogging Track, Gym, Ancestral hall, Basketball and Badminton courts. So that everyone can enjoy a carefree environment here while cherishing ancestors in a pleasant and casual way.


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​张先生/Albert Tew

Location :

Jalan Paip, Off, Jalan Kemboja, 41050 Klang, Selangor

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